gettinghealthy food on the table when you're busy

For the past month or so we have been incredibly busy with family visiting, my mamma in law in hospital and the general day to day things that we must do. And during this past month there have definitely been times where I have looked into the fridge and gone, “what can we eat?”. I have to pride myself on the fact that I am very good at creating meals (usually tapas style where there are small bits and pieces of everything) out of not much. The reason for this is below:

gettinghealthy food on the table when you're busy

1. Cook in Large Batches

If I’m cooking I will always try and do enough so there is leftovers, whether it be extra vegetables, sauce or a meal. This means I can use these leftovers to create an entirely different meal or use up other bits and pieces in my fridge to have in addition with a leftover meal. This saves so much time, because I can grab something out of the fridge, heat it up and if necessary add a couple of extra bits to it. 

2. Fruit for Snacks 

We always have fruit in our house! Always! Fruit is an easy snack that takes zero preparation, you can just grab and go. Fruit is of course incredibly good for you and contains important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

gettinghealthy food on the table when you're busy

3. Keep Basic Veggies

I always have in my fridge/pantry the following basic vegetables; onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes and potatoes. From these basic vegetables I can make soups, broths, roasts, steamed veggies, the list goes on! I buy them in 1kg quantities so they are always there when there is not much else to work with.  

4. Buy in Pantry Staples in Bulk

Like the basic veggies above we always have the following in our pantry; chickpeas, lentils, tinned olives, tinned tomatoes, rice and grains. We will buy chickpeas, lentils, rice and grains in 1kg quantities from the markets and 2 or 3 tins of tomatoes and olives at a time when they are on special. You may be thinking, 'when do I have the time to prepare lentils and chickpeas?', but if I know that I am going to use them, the night before I will soak them, and then when it’s time to cook them, I multitask. Since you don’t really need to watch over them whilst they are cooking I will do something else like have a shower or tidy up. Another thing I always make sure I have is eggs and tinned tuna. A yummy omelette or frittata doesn’t take much time or effort to make and a few bits and pieces from your fridge or pantry can turn it into something spectacular. Tinned tuna can be used to bulk up a salad as a topping on bread or just had on its own. 

gettinghealthy food on the table when you're busy

5. Frozen Veggies

Fresh is always best of course but it is definitely handy to have a few frozen veggies tucked away in the freezer for times when you haven’t had a chance to do the shopping. We always have frozen peas and spinach in our freezer. One of my favourite frittatas, is white onion, peas and pancetta (if I have it), it's so simple and delicious! My favourite way to do spinach is with a little garlic and chilli, it’s quick to do and makes a great side dish. 

It’s because of the reasons above that I am able to always produce a healthy meal for lunch and dinner each day, especially in times when we are busy or my fridge or pantry is looking a little lean. :)

Buon Appetito




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