Pumpkin SeedsI love Pumpkin Seeds (also known as Pepitas)! They make such a great snack, you can roast them, you can sprinkle them over your yoghurt, and they add a wonderful crunch to any salad!

Pumpkin seeds are so versatile! What is even better is that they are great for you as well as they have many beneficial minerals! 




A good non-animal source of Protein, which is a building block for most of the body’s structures, helps to regulate  fluid balance and as antibodies.

Another good non-animal source of Iron, which is necessary for oxygen transportation in the blood and utilisation of energy.

A fantastic source of Magnesium, which supports bone mineralisation, normal muscle contraction and immune system function.

An amazing source of Manganese, which helps with bone formation and is a cofactor for enzymes.

Also an amazing source of Phosphorus, which is part of every cell and is important in genetic material.

A great source of Zinc, which is such an important mineral as it has many functions including: involved in making proteins and genetic material, immune reactions, wound healing, and normal development of the foetus. 

A good source of Vitamin B3 (Niacin), which is used in energy metabolism.


Recipes with Pumpkins Seeds

 Wholesome Bread
      Wholesome Bread

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